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ABOUT DANIEL: WE ARE LENDERS..GET CASH LOAN. GET FREE AT EQUITY 1-LOANS: FREE honest appraisal, proof of funds letter, loan cost quote, FREE how to buy home low/no down with our cash loan, FREE how to buy no down & get cash back, FREE how to get cash loan into your pocket & back out interest free after you get cash if you are unhappy or find better loan elsewhere. We lend to persons & entities.Bad credit no problem. We do not ruin your credit by reporting to credit bureaus. We are a direct lender,not charging loan broker commission. We obey the USA/CA Constitution; Code of Ethics of NAR,CAR,BAR; CA Govt BRE Lic 00707520; CA Sec of State Corp CO2997; Bakf City Mortgage Banker Lic 1172285. We do not illegally discriminate. Loan amount is based on property value & equity,if borrower can/will pay back loan. Over 30 years of repeat borrowers. We lend on homes,lots,commercial property,units. We lend to people without a green card. Get free right to sign loan & then back out free before loan funds. We show you how to keep your judgements and child support liens and other name liens from ruining/encumbering title to property you own or are buying, with our loan. We do not require credit report,tax return, or fico score. CALL NOW 661-398-9382. If you give us copy of a loan quote to you from a local equity lender then we will pay you free cash $99, plus give you freebies mentioned above. Accredited member of Better Business Bureau with A+ rating for high honesty,ethics,customer service. Ask for guaranteed loan satisfaction or money back interest free..See 152 ways to prevent foreclosure at our website http://www.equity1-loans.com/..As Individual, Ca Bureau of Real Estate Broker Lic 00373292. Dan Cook,President.

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