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ABOUT GLENN: I am almost always happy, positive and filled with this insatiable, child-like curiousity about everything, and truly enjoy self-depricating humor. I guess if you cannot laugh at yourself, you are doomed to having people laugh at you. Some of the best times I have are mentoring others to achieve their goals and helping them get past the roadblocks that cause some to stumble. I believe in my heart that most people would be a whole lot happier if they would simply learn to do something. for somebody else. Volunteer, give some time to young people, brighten up someone else's day; show them the Jesus in you, and "rock their world" instead of complaining about your own. If you like a positive "can do" attitude, we will probably become quick friends. If you simply want to relax beside a beautiful koi pond surrounded by 3 amazing waterfalls and enjoy a cup of coffee, please feel free to stop by our office at 3955 Coffee Road; you are always welcome....

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