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ABOUT KAZ: I started my career from the Air Force and then got involved in the commercial aviation industry. I have over thirty years of experience as an Airline Captain and Vice President/Director of Operations for several major U.S. Air Carriers and International Air Carriers. I have worked with the U.S. State Dept; the U.S. Navy, U.S. Customs & Immigration & the United Nations.As a Certified Airman Instructor I have been training cockpit crew members, (Captains & Co-Pilots) & all other airline employees for over thirty years. My diversified background has given me an edge in extensive public relations and dealings. I had to switch my line of work & go part time in Aviation due to my Kidney Transplant. Iam bringing many years of my diversified exprience to this wonderful world of Real Estate. I am aiming to excell in this career while fulfilling the need of each and every one of my client's.

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