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ABOUT DESIREE: I have been a licensed Realtor since 2003. My career began in Boise, Idaho where I worked as a real estate agent for several years until the economy shifted in 2009 and we found adventure and opportunity in Fairbanks, Alaska where I was then licensed. Not many can say they sold homes in North Pole, Alaska which I did as there were a couple military bases up there that kept Real Estate from any real negative affects the lower 48 was experiencing. I have a deep appreciation for all our Vets and service men and women after working so closely with them during those years I was there. Amazing people that truly endure more than any of us "civilians" realize!However, the freezing temps finally got to me and my family so we decided to make the move to sunny California which was calling my name every winter. We moved here and now I am selling Real Estate in Southern California which I never thought I would ever do. Bakersfield has really grabbed my heart, the people are wonderful and amazing, it's crazy how this big city has such a small town feel as well. The proximity to all the fun California has to offer as well has been wonderful! My experience here has been awesome and I have a deep appreciation for the area and the people in and surrounding the area.

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